The What A Shuffle Univeral Registration\Event System can easily be integrated into any existing event web site. As the registration system is a hosted solution, after creating your account and providing your information, you simply point the registration link on your site to your customizable registration page.

Manage Attendees Manage attendee's competition entries Email and store messages Email and store messages Email and store messages Email and store messages

  • Registration management
    • See details and totals on all registrations
    • Drill down to see individual registrations
    • Modify any element of an individual registration
    • Track money owed/paid
    • Track budget items
    • Freely add/edit competitions, elective classes and merchandise items
    • Set limits on competition entries, classes or merchandise
    • Check in attendees at registration desk, online or via printed registration list - both showing if any money is owed
    • Manage discount packages
    • Allow attendees to see their account details, and regenerate PayPal links if needed
    • Track multiple payments and source (check, PayPal, cash, etc..) per attendee
    • Set passes/discounts/merchandise or other items to automatically adjust price based on date
  • Full reporting/charting package - View realtime statistics on your registrations:
    • Skill Levels
    • Registration levels by date in comparison to previous years
    • Merchandise sales
  • Printable forms - Easily print standardized forms:
    • Competition scoresheets based on entries
    • Shipping labels for DVD and other merchandise orders
  • PayPal integration - automate common payment tasks:
    • Receive automatic payment notification in realtime
    • Track PayPal fees
    • Send payment due/received emails automatically
    • Completely secure, attendees are directed to make payments directly to your account
  • Competition management
    • Print all forms including scoresheets and final placements
    • Automate calculation of relative placement
    • Assign and manage judges
    • Assign bib numbers for easy form printing and competitor management
    • Saves scores for reprinting or online publishing
    • Given the rise of Facebook, forums are on the decline. New events struggle to advertise on Facebook because they don't have name recognition. Promoters that use the system will have the opportunity to include information about their event in targetted emails to attendees based on their preferences. If an attendee has been to several regional exchanges and allows emails, they will receive a periodic update about other regional exchanges they might be interested in.
    • Data aggregation within your event over years can help identify successful marketing campaigns and determine growth projections for future years
    • No more tallying the final scores of competitions by hand
    • Easy access to all financials and reports
    • Streamlined registration desks
    • Identify and reach out to past attendees
    • Cross-promotion of your event with completed registrations from similar events
    • No startup costs
    • It's incredibly cheap and affordable by any size event! The only fee you pay, is $1 per registration entered.
    • New features being added every day
    • If you have a feature suggestion you can suggest it
    • Offload all the tedious tasks and get back to actually managing your event

    The What A Shuffle Universal Registration\Event System is available to events for only $1 per individual registration.

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