EBC is a bit different from other events,even from previous years as well. Please review this helpful guide to ensure you get the most from the event. Also, be sure to check back often for any updates!

Please ensure that you get the discounted EBC price when you reserve your room. You can do this by either calling the hotel via the number on the lodging page or registering online using the link there.

When making travel plans, please consider staying at the hotel. Not only is it much more convenient for you, since you only have to go back to your room for a nap, to shower, to change, or whatever, but it also helps the event since our pricing is affected by the number in our room block.


Competition meetings are mandatory. If you are not present in the meeting, then you will be automatically scratched from that competition. In the interest of time, we will be more strict this year than in previous years. Your registration and competition fees must be fully paid by the competition meeting. In the interest of fairness, there are no exceptions.

The competition manager will have a list of competitors for each competition, along with their bib number. The printout will indicate paid/unpaid at this time to resolve any issues. The dancer list will be reprinted once more before the competition for the emcee and competitors that are not paid in full at that time will not be listed or called out for the competition. Each competitor must be paid in full for a couple to be allowed into a competition.


Come to the competition class ready to dance immediately!

In order to maximize feedback time, the first all-skate will begin immediately.


Things to think about...

If you are promoted to either Ninja track (Ninja and Ninja Master), you are required to wear the pin during class, however we request that you remove the pin before each dance.

Please plan ahead with a change of shirt or shirts if you sweat profusely. Also consider having deordorant and toothpaste/breath mints handy. Don't be that guy.


No big deal!

We have a beginner lesson before the Thurs night dance and another before the Fri night dance. We also have a full beginner track starting Fri morning.


This is new!

Beginners and Intermediates are invited to participate in a practice session during the elective classes. This will be ran by a set of instructors who will periodically rotate the class and make mention of common ideas that they see that will help you improve.

Also participating and rotating in class will be several instructors and master level dancers that will provide you with personalized help.