Well, what can we say?

EBC is the Balboa event with attitude, moxy, spunk, charisma, character, and a sordid past. It's the event your mom warned you not to attend, but then you snuck out the window late at night to sneak on over.

It's the coolest friend you have, and quite possibly the only friend you have... EBC doesn't judge you like some people, that is unless you're competing or you choose not to attend, then it's judgment time all over the place.

EBC is the world's strongest Balboa event. Seriously, it benchpresses other Balboa events - that is, after trying to fatten them up so that it's more of a challenge. EBC is craaaaaaazy strong. It's scary when it flexes.

EBC is crafty. Yeah, what's wrong with an event that likes to scrapbook and make paper-mache models? EBC can still cause you grievous harm with those little craft scissors.

EBC is your Balboa family reunion.

EBC is the story you use to successfully land members of the opposite sex.

EBC is the most interesting Balboa event in the world. The only time EBC failed, was when EBC tried to suck. That beer commercial? Yeah, they stole it from EBC.

EBC is Balboa, only deadlier...