I have nearly a decade of dancing experience with a strong knowledge of musical structure. I attribute my musical and dance aptitude to approximately 20 years of playing the drums, the influence of my mother who was a "Solid Gold Dancer", and a strong athletic background (cross-country running, wrestling). I currently live in Burlington, North Carolina; but Austin, TX will forever be my home. Music and dance are my passions.

I first started dancing in November of 1998 and by early 2000 I had joined "NeoSwing" an Olympic performance group coached by Tena Morales and Carnell Pipkin. Our team was based out of Houston, Texas and traveled to the Sydney Olympics to perform as part of the National Association of Performing Arts Educators. Shortly thereafter I began competing and DJing regularly. I've been addicted ever since! I am constantly traveling both to teach and to learn from dancers across the country and across the world. My goal is to make everything highly energetic and fun. I'm a goofball and always do my best to keep everyone laughing!

Website: Jeramie Anderson