10th Anniversary Cirque d'EBC Edition

Oct 31 - Nov 3, 2013

That's right, we said #10 mofo!
10 years of in-your-face bad-mamajamery coming at you in full force Cirque d'EBC style in Raleigh, NC!

5 full tracks of instruction,
4 nights of crazy swing dancing,
3 days of classes and too much fun to think about counting!

EBC Location: 3415 Wake Forest Road Raleigh, NC US

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EBC News:

  • EBC 2013 will offer a $50 International Discount (applies automatically at registration - show passport when checking in)
  • EBC 2013 will feature elective classes in the cirque theatre arts taught by Cirque deVol.
  • 2013 post-Halloween Costume Contest on Fri night will feature a new category: Carnival/Circus style.
    Need some costume ideas? Click Here
  • 2013 DVD purchases will come with online video downloads after the event.

  • 2013 Instructors (currently being updated, so many more to come!)

    Nick Williams
    David Rehm
    Bobby White
    Mickey Fortenasce
    Joel Plys
    Adam Speen
    Chris Owens
    Jacob Wigger
    Jason Sager
    Javier Johnson
    Matt Mitchell
    Corey Manke
    David Lee
    Chad Skeeters
    Jason Platt
    Kyle Smith
    Sylvia Sykes
    Kate Hedin
    Kelly Arsenault
    Heather Ballew
    Valerie Salstrom
    Nelle Cherry
    Holly Owens
    Susan Manke
    Chelsea Lee
    Krista Haskins
    Mackenzie Miller

    2013 Special Guests

    (More on our special guests here: Special Guests)
    Jeramie Anderson


    (More on our vendors here: Vendors)
    Raleigh Vintage
    Chatter Blossom
    Creations by Crawford

    EBC Fun Facts:

    Other Balboa events wear EBC pajamas!
    If you google the phrase "EBC Rocks!" You will break google.
    How many EBC ninjas does it take to change a lightbulb? None. EBC ninjas prefer to kill in the dark.
    The pie scene in American Pie was based on actual EBC events, 'nuff said.
    When the Boogyman goes to sleep each night, he checks to make sure it's not time for EBC.
    EBC ninja dancers have altered science and the periodic table, because they only recognize the element of surprise!
    If at first you don't succeed, then you haven't taken a class at EBC.
    The movie 'Aliens vs Predators' is a historical documentary about how the EBC Intergalactic Balboa Championship was created.
    The EBC registration page stalks the Internet at night, devouring the souls of other event registration pages.